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At Mount Vernon Preschool, we use a customized, research-based preschool curriculum for ages 2-5 that focuses on academics, development, and the Bible through play.  


Month Old & Year Old Class

For children two years old before September 1st, this class is filled with laughter and fun.  This class is designed to teach younger children independence (such as potty training) while also building socialization skills.  Children will learn while exploring through movement with music as well as dramatic play, puzzle solving, blocks, and books during center time.  Children will also learn Bible stories and fun biblical songs.



5 days (Monday-Friday)


Year Old Class

This class is for children who are at three years old before September 1st.  The focus of this class is developing gross motor skills.  Skills are built while riding bikes during gym time or running and jumping during outside recess in addition to structured play that enhances gross motor development.  Children will also be taught to refine fine motor skills with tasks such as finger painting, coloring, and other activities during table time.  Students will be introduced to color and shapes as well as written name recognition.  



5 days (Monday-Friday)

4 & 5

Pre-Kindergarten Class

This class is a Kindergarten readiness class for students who are four years old before September 1st.  Children will be taught skill such as cutting and pasting while creating art projects.  This will also allow children to express their creativity.  They will also be taught to recite and to write the alphabet and numbers in addition to printing their names.




5 days (Monday-Friday)



Gym & Playground

Physical activity is important to development. Children of all ages will benefit from our two playgrounds.  One playground is geared towards toddlers with artificial turf and equipment lower to the ground. Our other playground has larger equipment and pea gravel for our older students to explore.  Our spacious indoor gym allows us to get active even on bad weather days with indoor riding toys and games. 


Creative expression is important to brain development and we are constantly engaging the students with fun learning crafts and free art.  These are proudly displayed yearly at our annual Art Show.  Mr. Jackie leading music if the highlight of every Wednesday. 

Example Daily Schedule 


7:50- Arrival, hand washing, Free play 

8:15- Table time 

8:30- Morning prayer and discussion

9:00- Circle time, Weather, Calendar 

9:15- Curriculum Learning time

10:00- Restroom break/ hand washing

10:15- Curriculum activity/craft/games

10:45- Story time 

11:00- Clean up - Hand washing

11:15- Snack time

11:30- Outdoor/ Indoor play

11:50- Pick Up



Due to Covid-19

we are not 

scheduling tours

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