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When asked what they love MVP, Jon Oatman said, “We love how much MVP allows the family to be involved with all the great projects they host to share with the staff and the kids. The teachers are truly amazing; the love and care they give to each student is amazing. JD jumps out of bed and ready to go to school every day.” JD’s teacher Mrs. Shannon says, “JD is very enthusiastic. First to volunteer and is always happy!”

Connor’s mom says, “We love how excited Connor is to go to school! The teachers make it so much fun he would go every day if he could.” Mrs. Cindy loves he loves school. He makes her heart swell when he says, “It's going to be a good day Ms. Cindy!!!” She loves his conversation and his facial reactions when talking.

Mom said, “MVP is just an awesome faith and family oriented program and we’re sooo sad that this is a Zeklan’s last year with there! He’s grown so much the last two years with patience, attention, and love poured into him by the staff.” Mrs. Kierstan praises how much he has grown academically and in maturity with an growing desire to learn and an eager classroom helper!

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