Mount Vernon Preschool provides

half-day high-quality Christ-centered education that prepares students academically, emotionally, and socially for elementary school. 





Our half-day age-based curriculum celebrates, inspires, and enhances children’s creativity while providing quality faith-based education in a safe, fun, and loving environment.

What Others Are Saying

 We love how close knit the school is with our children. We love the Christian values that are instilled into Josiah on a daily basis while also making learning enjoyable for him. We love the teachers for their high energy and positive attitudes! We feel very blessed that we have the opportunity to send our children to a school that not only gets him ready for grade school but also teaches him the love that Christ gives us!


Brianna Springston

Winter break                    Feb. 15th-18th


Dr. Seuss Week               Feb.25th-Mar 1st

            Activities all week


Art Show                          March 14th @ 6:30


Spring Break                   April 1st -5th


Easter Celebrations        April 17th & 18th



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